Reach your point break and 9 other ways to spend the weekend

Aim to have a good time this weekend
Aim to have a good time this weekend

1. Do your best MJ or Madonna impression at Union Hall’s sing-a-long. By singing, not be being a rampant egoist or tragic weirdo (Friday)

2. The big soda ban starts Tuesday, so this could be your last shot to see the Big Gulp Comedy show before it becomes subject to a fine (Friday)

3. WOOO spring break! WOOO vegan goodies! (Saturday)

4. Learn what things were like when the Dutch were here and they called it Breukelen. Presumably there was less introspection and drunken hookups. But maybe not! (Saturday)

5. Talk about how Tumblr is art. Maybe don’t bring up your failed attempt at it, Fuck Yeah Con Air (Saturday)

6. Screw SXSW, we can have our own party here in Brooklyn at the Paper Box (Saturday)

7. Sail Dance the seven seas with Hey Queen! at Public Assembly (Saturday)

8. Take a tour of Park Slope and Grand Army Plaza, learn about some riots (Sunday)

9. Listen to Joe Lohta talk about how the MTA is great and you should vote for him for mayor. Try not to laugh directly in his face (Sunday)

10. Watch Point Break at the Bell House, with a live soundtrack, the way Patrick Swayze would want you to experience it (Sunday)

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