Raising Arizona and 11 other free things to do this week in Brooklyn

1. We like to think Pratt named their all-female art exhibition “Look at Me Now” because they know they have swag. (Monday)

2. Let’s all go to the movies (at Franklin Park), let’s all go to the movies (at Franklin Park), let’s all go to the movies (at Franklin Park), and get $4 pints.  (Monday)

3. Take a ride on the Jazzmobile. It stops at Groovetown, Bebopville and Crackton. (Tuesday)

4. You get to gawk while people tell stories and bare their souls, the soul bearers get prizes. Seems lik a pretty good deal to me. (Tuesday) 

5. “Can you spell alcoholic?


“I shoulda never had kids.” (Tuesday)

6. Speaking of being a disappointment to your children, some dads are gonna share their stories of doing just that. Look for Tom at that one, offering a shoulder to cry on. (Wednesday)

7. Are you steeped in old-timey material? Just silly with it? No? Well here’s your chance to immerse yourself in American roots music. (Wednesday)

8. Check out Raising Arizona and remember Nic Cage when he was an actor and not a meme. (Wednesday)

9. Will Clint Eastwood hold a grudge if you don’t see Unforgiven? Eh, probably not, he lives in Hollywood. You should see it anyway though; it’s really good. (Thursday)

10. Support a new local business, get some free cupcakes, and see something that will apparently blow your eyes and mind. Our advice: bring sunglasses. (Thursday)

11. See a movie about what it was like to be Elmo. No, not the actual felt puppet. And no, not this guy either. (Friday)

12. The Etsy Craft Party has artists and food and a brass band. The Regretsy Craft Party just has deep feelings of shame. Which one do you want to go to? (Friday)

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