Boerum Hill/ Gowanus

Put the fun back in ‘Superfund’ with ‘Gowanus Wild’

gowanus wild
Nice place for a walk, just don’t fall in! via Miska Draskoczy

You might already be pretty acquainted with Gowanus and its eponymous canal. You may have canoed in it. You may have even helped fund a show that takes place in it. Still, according to Park Slope Stoop, artist Miska Draskoczy aims to show you a different side of the Gowanus with his upcoming photography exhibit and walking tour entitled “Gowanus Wild,” with an emphasis on studying the delicate balance between natural beauty, a modern, vibrant urban environment, and all that damn sewage that you can find in a place most recently made nationally famous for trapping a poor dolphin and most known for being so very gross in general.

The fun starts at the Ground Floor Gallery (343 5th St., Park Slope) this Friday, October 10th at 6pm with the opening of the photography exhibit that’ll occupy the entire space, but what we’re really keeping an eye out for is the walking tour that’ll conclude the show. That’ll take place on Sunday, November 9 from 5pm-7pm, as Draskoczy will lead a guided walking tour of some of the places featured in the photographs, hopefully showing everybody a side or two of Gowanus they may not have yet seen in person, and allow comers to appreciate the symphony of smells one simply cannot capture on film.

Remember to note that this is a walking tour, so don’t bring your bathing suit with you, or to the Gowanus Canal ever, because you’ll get all the diseases, and everyone is too busy paying attention to Ebola to worry about curing your meningitis.

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