Break out your hazmat wet suit: registration for Gowanus Challenge now open

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Well, it LOOKS nice, at least. (via Facebook)

A few months ago, we alerted you to the fact that the dolphin-killing waters of the Gowanus Canal would soon play host to something other than suspected coal tar wastes, sewer discharge and gonorrhea; the Gowanus Challenge, a canoe race, would be held on the Canal’s poop-ey waters on June 15. And that day is almost here, so if you’ve been angling to dip your oar in some sludge, registration is now open.

The race is being held by the Gowanus Dredgers, a group of local residents and businesses pushing to help clean up the Gowanus waterfront. The Dredgers are asking participants to raise $500 in pledges if they want to borrow a canoe ($250 for a kayak), but if you bring your own, you’re free to ride sans pledge — though it would be nice if you can raise some cash for the cause, too. And, yes, the Dredgers are aware that the water is toxic, hence the point of the race; though they do suggest you “avoid consumption.” So…don’t drink the canal water, and maybe don’t touch it at all.

Right now, about 26 teams are registered, and if you’d like to throw your gang’s name in the ring, you can shoot them an email ([email protected]) and get your pledges going on their Network for Good page. Festivities kick off this Saturday at 7:35am.; there’s also an awards ceremony and banquet on site post-race, where they will be providing Brooklyn-based beverages and pizza. Anchors away, y’all.

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