You think It’s all pun and games? This is the place for you tonight

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Repeat champ Noah "The Black Punther" Philip Smith will try to reclaim his crown tonight.

Pardon the interruption on your usually scheduled brokester news, but it is May Day after all, and did you hear what happened when all the top brass of the army went to protest? It was a general strike! (Bwaaagroaaan). That is but a mere taste (and not a very good one, I know) of the wordplay gold that will be spun tonight at Littlefield for the latest iteration of Punderdome 3000, New York City’s only monthly pun-making competition. The event holds a special place in our hearts, not only because we’re shut-in word nerds who long to be among our own kind, but also because it’s a mercifully silly respite from the gray weekday blues, and because some of our staff have taken home the pun gold a time or two (and co-host Jo Firestone is a¬†contributor). It’s $7 to get in or compete, and the ticket price comes with free Pay Day candy bars (if you catch one). But if you can top my Occupy/May Day pun above in the comments, I will buy you a drink tonight. Seriously, come find me at the thing. I’ll be the guy making puns. And if you’re still not sure what the heck this is all about, watch the Punderdome video below.

Also, tonight’s guest judges are Joe Schiappa and Ophira Eisenberg!

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  1. Did you hear about the banker who accidentally went to the May Day parade? His bloody end served as an example to those capitalist pigs who would earn their money by stepping on the backs of the world’s workers, Comrade.

    Is this how you’re supposed to do it?

  2. I told the fife-players “Please play me a tune.”
    “We can’t,” answered they, “Picking up our kids soon.”
    Fuming, I spat, being upstaged by diapers
    “Forget it,” said Fred. “They’re occu-pied pipers.”

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