Kush job alert: Freelance marijuana writer wanted for magazine in chill country

Torontoke? Via Flickr user Cannabis Culture.
Torontoke? Via Flickr user Cannabis Culture.

Here’s a job weed like to apply for. Canada, the country that’s high above us, both geographically and in terms of moving its drug laws into a progressive, kind new era, has had medical marijuana since 2001 and is now on the path to full legalization, which is a cannabis-do attitude America lacks. Rolled up in that newly budding marketplace is a whole new stash of jobs. Today our Canadian bureau chief Sam Corbin passes us the news that could bowl you over if you’re looking for a freelance gig (though it may involve a few red-eye flights to get to work): Toronto-based NOW Magazine is hiring a freelance marijuana writer to “tackle Canada’s rapidly changing marijuana laws, industry and culture.” You’d be writing about law and politics, medical and recreational communities, retail and business angles, plus writing how-tos and FAQs, which, let’s be blunt, sounds like a kush gig.

Knowledge and skills requirements include:

Openness and comfort with the subject matter is necessary.

When it comes to pot, you’re an endless supply of story ideas

Find out how to apply here! If you’ve got a nugget of an idea on what you’d want to write about, or are tired of your regular freelance grinder, shake it off and apply.

And if you do want to travel more, you can probably spliff the difference and spend some time in Toronto too: Sam made us a guide to finding the best dealers in that city. Canada has a lot going for it these days, large because it isn’t arguing itself to death over nonsense on cable news shows every night (probably because of all the weed). So go into this job with vape expectations.

(Sorry for all the doobie-ious weed puns)

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