Prove you’re the baddest eater in NYC at the city’s first-ever kolache eating contest

brooklyn kolache company
How many can you eat? via Facebook

Have you ever watched the human food vacuums of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest and got the urge to jump into the world of competitive eating? You’ve got a chance this weekend, because Bed-Stuy pastry purveyor Brooklyn Kolache Co. (520 Dekalb Avenue, Bed-Stuy) is inviting one and all to visit them for the first-ever kolache eating contest. No need to get qualified by Major League Eating, all you have to do is pay the $10 entry fee and show up Saturday with a burning desire to eat more kolaches than anyone else who shows up.

Never had a kolache? They’re handheld pastries with a soft, pillowy dough surrounding either a sweet or savory filling.¬†For Saturday’s eating contest, you’ll be tackling sausage and cheese kolaches, which means vegetarians are S.O.L. if they want in, but BKC tells us that was the kolache people were most interested in competitively eating and it just wouldn’t be fair to put people shoving meat in their face up against people going for a less heavy type like cherry.

If you win, which involves eating more kolaches than your competitors in ten minutes, you get a $50 Brooklyn Kolache Co. gift card (so you can practice eating to defend your crown next year) and take home the entire pot made up of everyone else’s entry fees.¬†Brooklyn Kolache Co. happens to excel at making kolaches, which is why even if you think you might not win, entering the contest to pay $10 to eat as many of these as you can in 10 minutes seems like a good deal either way. So sign up now while you can, because you never know if this winds up turning into the next Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, with all the celebrity that comes attached to being the winner.

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