Prove your drinking mettle at South 4th Bar’s Super Olympics

A scene from a past Olympics
A scene from a past Olympics

A funny thing about college is that you learn that drinking itself is not enough. You need to make a game out of it! So you spend four years building up skills and muscle memory and then…nothing. But all of you out there with those phantom drinking game skills and nowhere to use them, take heart: the South 4th Bar’s Super Olympics is the perfect place to show them off again, and lucky for you, it’s this weekend.

The Super Olympics will cover a whole gamut of drinking-based competition, from your standard beer pong and flip cup to less traditional, but hard-to-do-while-drunk games like Twister, Jenga and Pin the Tail on the Fox. Prove that you’re the most skilled team of drunks at the bar and you get yourself a $100 bar tab. Think you’ve got what it takes to win? Get three friends (at least one girl required), the most ridiculous costumes you can think of, shoot an email to south4thbar [at] gmail.com with your team name, team Captain, your team member’s full names and email addresses. Then get ready to prove you’re the drinkiest drunks who ever drank. Registration is $50 for a person if you want to be assigned to a team with an open spot, or $200 for you and your friends as a team.

Don’t worry though, all of the the money goes to help Team Fox, the community-level branch of the Michael J. Fox Foundation. You also get free High Life from noon to 5pm, free lunch and a commemorative cup. And hell, if you win, you could even just blow the bar tab that evening. Or, you know, wait it out until you need to get drunk again. But what are you, some kind of reasonable person?

Super Olympics, Saturday, June 1, noon – 5pm, South 4th Bar, 90 South 4th Street, $50/$200

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