Car-service price check: W’burg

How much is that doggy in the window? Around $3 at some car services. Photo by Bitchcakes.
How much is that doggy in the window? Around $3 more. Photo by Bitchcakes.

Our latest car-service price check brings us to Williamsburg, where we compared the fares for six different companies. Unlike the Park Slope car services we recently surveyed—whose rates were fairly well synchronized across the board—there was a bit more of a range in the prices quoted by WB dispatchers for the three sample rides we asked for.

As with last time, we called car services like anyone else would and asked for quotes on three different destinations. With a hypothetical starting point at Bedford Avenue and N. 12th Street, we asked for fares to: 1) to Lafayette Avenue and Ashland Place in Fort Greene, 2) to Delancey and Allen Streets on the Lower East Side and 3) to JFK Airport. We called each car service within a 20-minute span on an early weekday afternoon. We also compared rates with those of a metered yellow cab. Here’s what we found:

Williamsburg Metro Line Car Service, 390 Metropolitan Ave, 718-388-1111
Fort Greene: $11
LES: $11
JFK: $35
Promised wait time: 4 min
Credit cards: Yes, 20 percent more
Pets: Yes, $3 more

Williamsburg New Brooklyn Car Services Inc, 390 Broadway, 718-388-2828‎
Fort Greene: $14
LES: $12
JFK: $35
Promised wait time: 3 min
Credit cards: Yes, $15 minimum
Pets: Yes, but let them know beforehand

Williamsburg Brooklyn Car Service, 232 Metropolitan Avenue, 718-384-7070‎
Fort Greene: $12
LES: $15
JFK: $35
Promised wait time: 5 min
Credit cards: Yes, but 20% more
Pets: Yes, but let them know beforehand

Williamsburg Mobile Car Services Inc, 361 Union Avenue, 212-714-0333
Fort Greene: $13
LES: $10-12
JFK: $35
Promised wait time:: 5 min
Credit card: $15 minimum
Pets: $5 more for a medium/big dog. No charge for small dog

Williamsburg New Eastern Car & Limo Services‎,100 Bushwick Ave., 718-387-0222‎
Fort Greene: $12
LES: $12
JFK: $35
Promised wait time:: 10 minutes
Credit card: Yes, but surcharge depending upon the fare ($3.50 on the $12 fare, for instance)
Pets: Yes, but let them know beforehand

Williamsburg Northside Limo and Car Service, 207 Bedford Ave., 718-387-2222
Fort Greene: $14
LES: $12
JFK: $35
Promised wait time: 5 minutes
Credit card: Yes, $10 min
Pets: Yes, but let them know beforehand

Yellow Cab
Fort Greene: Approx $15
LES: Approx $13
JFK: Approx $40 (via LIE to Van Wyck)

So the cheapest ride in Williamsburg, at least according to our survey, is Williamsburg Metro Line, as long as you’re paying cash. We know that prices are only part of the picture with a car service, other important factors being smell, perceived bacteria level and general health of vehicle. So Brokesters, what are your favorite/most hated car services in the WB?


  1. I have been using Metroline for years. They are consistent, cheap clean and pretty much considerate nice men and women! drivers. I do a lot of late nights and I can’t remember the last time they didn’t wait for me to get in my front door before pulling away from the curb. Their dispatchers are nice too. I recommend them all the time, especially to friends with pets that need emergency travel to vets etc…

  2. BklynChic

    I’m a committed Northside users. I’ve ridden in other services with friends and I just prefer Northside. The cars are always newer, which is important to me because I often take them to business meetings in the city, so it’s important for me to arrive in something presentable. The cars are also cleaner, everyone has GPS, everyone speaks English (sorry, I’m an immigrant, too, but you should be able to understand me when I’m giving you directions), and they are always at my curb within 5 minutes. I literally call, put on my coat, go downstairs and they are already there. As far as pets are concerned, I never have to tell them in advance about my cats and no one minds. I think as long as your pet is small and in a carrier, you’re fine.

  3. The comments so far have been great. Rates are one thing, but let’s hear more about the personal experience. Considering the number of car services in Brooklyn and how often people use them, there aren’t many published customer reviews.

  4. danielle

    I’ve been told by drivers that Northside is the best company to work for. The drivers who said this pointed out that the dispatchers were fair (won’t take money from drivers to steer calls) and the owners were OK. One guy also said that Metroline was not a good place to work. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of these statements – but, it’s Northside for me.

  5. billyb

    Northside car service, while the drivers are nice has the rudest dispatchers. I called once for a car, was told they weren’t sure, got put on hold and while I was waiting (for more than a few minutes), hung up and found another cab. The dispatcher called me back to yell at me that a cab was there and why wasn’t I? Not only that when I explained and hung up, he called me back 3 times!!! Then banned me from calling Northside.

  6. What Gives

    Was out in the burg Friday night and took a cab from exactly North 12th and Bedford. Was like two in the morning. Called Metroline, car was there in five minutes, driver was real pleasant, but it cost $15 to downtown Brooklyn, which is closer than Fort Greene! Honestly, I find it frustrating that car services can be so inconsistent in pricing. I know time of day matters as to the rate (sometimes cheaper, sometimes more expensive), but would be nice if car service companies published their rates in a more honest and accurate fashion. Too much to ask for? I’ve grown up in Brooklyn my whole life and taken car service cars hundreds of times so I know the deal already with the randomness of pricing. Still, can’t a fella get some peace of mind.

  7. I used Metro (pronounced Metter O by the dispatchers, lol) and they are the best cab company out there! I moved out of NY years ago and I always remember how courteous and quick they were. Anywhere you wanted to go, they’d be there in 5 minutes or less (5 minnie).

    The drivers are all nice and the cars are always clean and well kept.

  8. There is a new company in the south side GoCar since they opened I’m using them a few times a week, haven’t had any problems. Nice dispatcher, cheap prices and luxury cars. With northsidecarservice it can take some time long for the dispatcher to pick up, they give the same quality service so they are my choice.

  9. Lou Harrington the 3rd

    I like car service, because if I get too drunk, I need them, it’s actually
    A good business to go into. I think all the services are good, so let’s call it a draw.
    Cabs are good to, some have television sets in the back, and for a Williamsburg guy like me, that is way cool!!
    Hope this helps!

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