Loved voting today? Don’t be a bandwagon voter, try it more often!

Voting is great, right? You get to take a cool Instagram with your “I voted” sticker and use Facebook to chastise your friends and tell them how much Better at democracy you are. But if you are a once every four years voter, one of those people who just cares about the presidential election, you are the worst. Only voting in the presidential election is a bandwagon-hopping move, the electoral equivalent of claiming to be a diehard Golden State Warriors fan in the past two weeks, or posting about loving the environment on Earth Day before driving your SUV to a Steak ‘n Crude Oil Shake restaurant the next day.

Voting in the presidential primaries and elections is important, but we put disproportionate importance on them, like the Grammys or the Jets post-season moves, when the rest of the electoral landscape is made up of races that are equally if not more important to shaping the country. Don’t be a bandwagon voter, be an all-the-time voter and you’ll actually make a difference. Here are your next chances for voter booth selfies:

June 28: Congressional primaries

All 27 congressional districts in New York will be up for election this year; the parties will pick their candidates on June 28. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) is also running for reelection on the same day, though he’s probably not going to face a challenge. Here’s a little bit of info on what those seats are, stay tuned to your local media for more info as the races get closer.

Sept. 13: State legislature primaries 

All 63 members of the New York State Senate and all 150 members of the New York State Assembly will be up for grabs this year; the parties will pick their nominees on Sept. 13.

Oct. 14: Deadline to register for the general election

If you’re not registered yet, do that shit now here! 

Nov. 8: General election

This is where you vote for president! More Instagrams! But you also vote for state assembly and senate, House of Representatives and Senate. Read up on them before you go vote!

September 2017: NYC mayoral primary election

Truth: The mayoral election is way more fun than the presidential race. More Errol Louis, less Wolf Blitzer, More real issues we care about, less debates that have nothing to do with New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio is likely to face some big challengers from a wide swath of people, or maybe at least a bunch of Times Square Muppets and off-brand superheroes. Either way, what a show! Both Democratic and Republican mayoral primaries are usually held in September.

Nov. 7, 2017: Mayoral election

New York is real America so this is our most important election. Start the CNN countdown clock now.

Thanks to Gotham Gazette for help with the election date roundup.

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