Boerum Hill/ Gowanus

Pop Up Repair shop will cheaply fix your broken crap this month

pop up repair
Don’t throw out your iron just because it stopped working, just bring it to Film Biz Recycling. via Facebook

The first thought that people have when something breaks is to just smash it with a hammer and get a new item of the same thing. Capitalism is brutal that way. But Pop Up Repair, a group of itinerant repair people, has set up shop at Film Biz Recycling this month with the mission of fixing your broken crap for cheaper than it would cost you to get a new one. Take that, empty monstrous consumer culture!

Until March 30, Pop Up Repair will be hanging out at Film Biz from noon to 7pm, Wednesday through Sunday, waiting for you to dump your broken lamp on their table and ask them if they can fix it. Their rates for fixing things vary by item, from a low as $8 to fix certain jewelry issues to $100 to fix your furniture that you lug all the way to Gowanus. You can check their rates and what they’ll fix here, but for the most part, it sounds like they’ll fix just about anything you throw at them (though please don’t really throw it), short of shoes, bikes and iPad screens. But if you need your bike repaired, we know a guy.

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