Plug your phone into the sun at Dumbo’s free charging stations

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Photo via Pensa.

This post is meant to target all you tech-savvy people working in Dumbo, but you probably know about it already, seeing as you are CREATING THE INTERNET pretty much every day. So for the rest of us who might be passing through, you should know that — in addition to free wifi neighborhood wide — Dumbo also now has a free outdoor solar-powered charging station, possibly the first in the country. The station set up in the sweet Pearl Street Triangle Plaza about two weeks ago and can hold up to 15 hours of juice when the sun isn’t out.

The station is provided by Pensa, which used Dumbo to debut its solar-powered devices.

“People think ‘solar’ and think ‘Third World,’ some rural field,” one passerby told The Daily News. “But in urban spaces we need to top off our smart phones — and we’re not always near a Starbucks.”

So to get this straight: Pearl Street Plaza now has free wifi, free charging and what is possibly the cheapest soda machine in all of Brooklyn, with free coworking space nearby? You win this round Dumbo. You win this round.

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  1. I added this restaurant to my Let’s Go- New York board on Pinterest. So funny that most of the thngis on there right now are restaurants. Can’t wait until my next trip to finally get to check out Brooklyn Flea.

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