Brooklyn Heights/ DUMBO

Spotted in Dumbo: a 65-cent soda machine

McBrooklyn photo by MK Metz.

While you may have given up buying drinks from vending machines after one too many $4 (seriously) Dasanis from the UA Court Street theater, those eagle-eyed bloggers over at McBrooklyn have found what they say is the cheapest soda machine in Brooklyn: 50 cents for water, 65 cents for soda! Did anyone spot Marty McFly around this thing? And it’s not out in some end-of-the-line wasteland either: the machine is smack in the middle of DUMBO at the Pearl Street Triangle. So what say you Brokelynites: is this actually the cheapest soda machine in the borough? (But remember: while some people insist on paying for it, water remains free, in every borough, all the time.)


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