Play a mean air guitar and 16 more ways to shred the week

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Let’s rock. via Wikipedia

1. Attend an electric-ifying literary mashup when Franklin Park Reading Series teams up with Electric Lit. (Monday)

2. Limber up those wrists to silently shred at the US Air Guitar Championship Qualifier. (Monday)

3. Sip free booze while perusing out-of-print vinyl in a famous backyard at the Daptone Records Super Soul Stoop Sale. (Monday)

4. Pedal into the past while learning about Brooklyn’s long and colorful cycling history. (Tuesday)

5. Attend a Queens of New York workshop to help spice up your life…in bed. (Tuesday)

6. It’s not even mid-week, but you’ve earned it—treat yo’self to some funny folks. (Tuesday)

7. Listen to “energetic spontaneous improvisation” and Willie Nelson instrumentals. (Tuesday)

8. Hear a lot of probably horrifying stuff from the guy who wrote that upsetting New York Mag racist real estate piece. (Wednesday)

9. Save your appetite for some frenetic marching band revelry. (Wednesday)

10. See strange men with strange facial hair doing strange performance art. (Wednesday)

11. If you’re a lady, take a totally tubular ’80s-themed group bike ride. (Thursday)

12. Check out some lacquer-and-gold “repair art” so you’ll have new tactics to salvage your roommate’s plates when you break ’em. (Thursday)

13. Grab some [adjective] pals and get really [past-tense verb] with beer-themed Mad-Libs and the Beerded Ladies. (Thursday)

14. Deflect the evil eye with poetry about a nationless flag. (Thursday)

15. See a group show by artists who are crafting for a better world. (Friday)

16. What do you get when you combine nighttime brunch with togas? A whole lot of comedy, apparently. (Friday)

17. Be dazzled by neuromagic: the science behind the cognitive tricks magicians use—and how the same illusions affect everyday decisions. (Friday)

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