Unleash your inner foodie, win free beer, at Menu Mash-Up Game Night

menu mash-up
Think of it like “Noms Against Humanity.” via Facebook

When glancing at the menu of a food truck or trendy restaurant, a few thoughts come to mind. “What brave soul first made a kimchi taco?” “Do kale chips actually belong on a waffle sandwich? I knew my drunk snacks had potential!” Indulge in your culinary creativity without setting off the fire alarm by coming out to Menu Mash-Up Game Night on Tuesday September 23 from 7pm and 10pm at Orchard (257 Columbia).

Your $5 ticket on sale here includes a Sixpoint beer and a seat playing Menu-Mash Up which is a foodie version of Cards Against Humanity where you design your own crazy dishes for your friends to judge. Think of it as a test run for all those Food Network competitions you dream of entering or a way for you to kill it at your next dinner party.

The game’s creator, Karen Hudes, will also be there selling the game and offering her own quirky menu ideas. As the cherry on top, the winners will be awarded prizes including the cookbook Tartine, a copy of Sweets & Bitters, more Sixpoint beer, and your own deck of Menu Mash-Up. If food-centric games and beer whet your appetite, make sure to check out Orchard’s fall menu. It’s just as good as anything you can come up with.  

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