Play with some balls: Sex Toy Bingo is coming to Williamsburg next week

sex toy bingo
Finally, bingo that speaks to your needs

Bingo, for all of its many charms, isn’t really seen as a very sexy thing to do if you’re looking to go out and have a good time. Which we understand, since so much of it involves listening closely to people calmly calling out letter-number combos and then hunting around to see if you got it. A bingo game coming to Williamsburg next Tuesday is ditching the retiree air attached to it though, because in this particular game of bingo, you’ll be competing for sex toys.

Sex Toy Bingo will hit the Trash Bar on Tuesday, January 20 at 8pm, so if you’ve been meaning to get some sex toys but can’t quite bring yourself to buy them, here’s your opportunity to get them for free in front of a room of hooting strangers, which should really cut down on the embarrassment.

Instead of playing bingo for pride or bragging rights in a VFW hall, you’ll be playing bingo in a dive bar in order to win toys like chocolate body paint, a ball gag and wrist restraints from Shag Brooklyn. Cards are just $5 each, which means you can be the proud new owner of a ball gag for cheaper than you’d ever imagine. Unless you were planning on getting a used one from Craigslist for free, which come on, that doesn’t sound like a good idea.

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