Pimp your wedding at next Sunday’s Toasted Brooklyn Wedding Expo

toasted brooklyn wedding expo
When you want chaos to reign at your wedding, getting a wedding photographer from the Toasted Brooklyn Wedding Expo. via Facebook

Getting married any time soon? What a bummer for you. Or we think it’s a bummer, we don’t know, we get all of our relationship exposure from sitcoms. Either way, just because you’re getting married, it doesn’t mean you need to do the same old crap that everyone else does, nor does it mean you need to give things over to a wedding planner who physically strikes you for not knowing an appetizer fork from a main course fork. And you won’t have to do that if you check out the Toasted Brooklyn Wedding Expo next Sunday, April 13, at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar.

If you’re getting married around here (and why shouldn’t you, Brooklyn is lovely and all of your cool friends live here), the wedding expo is going to be chock full of local vendors offering services like DJing, wedding cakes, other wedding food you tolerate until the cake, flowers and anything else you can think of that you need for weddings. If you need any of that, grab a ticket for the expo here. Oh, and get one for your fiancee to, we suppose.

Obviously there’s some kind of middle ground for non-traditional weddings, somewhere between “lousy hippie bullshit” and “outsourcing it to H&M,” and if there’s anywhere you’re going to find it, it’s probably going to be at this wedding expo. You’ll also find free food, raffle prizes, goody bags and live music while you shop for your wedding stuff. This expo has everything. Well, except for someone to marry you. You’ll still need to find someone crazy enough to do that. Maybe a bar or something?

Toasted Brooklyn Wedding Expo, Sunday, April 13, noon to 5pm, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, 165 Banker Street, Greenpoint, $10 

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