Picture this: BK Filmmakers Collective seeks new members

Join in on the fun. via Facebook
Join in on the fun. via Facebook

You don’t have to wait until the Navy Yard opens its film school campus to give your filmmaking dreams a boost. If you’re a professional filmmaker looking to improve your work, the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective could be a good landing spot, and lucky for you, they’ve opened some spots for their spring season.

The collective is a group of film professionals who come together once a week to workshop and critique each other’s work, talk funding and distribution strategies and occasionally talk to industry folks who pop in. These are some serious movie makers, whose work has been featured on HBO and MTV, at Sundance and Slamdance, but they still do local things too, like this look at how Coney Island residents have been faring since Sandy.

The collective is looking for one or two ten minute samples of video work you’ve done, along with information on what you’re working on now and what you’d like to accomplish by being a member. So be sure you’ve got some experience and some ideas. But if you get invited to join it could be that break you’ve been working towards.

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