Phil Collins Day is Weds! How can you just let it walk away?

From last year's Phil Collins parade. Via Flickr's Your Secret Admiral.

If there’s one thing Phil Collins knows, it’s heartbreak. The man who brought you hi-fi hits like “I Can’t Dance,” “Easy Lover,” and “Sussiudio”, recently sustained a series of injuries that forced him to retire from music in 2011.  But hope is still alive, Phil-istines: Phil Collins Day is almost here! Tomorrow (Feb. 15) marks the sixth annual Phil Collins Day, an entire day dedicated to the former Genesis drummer turned megastar. Last year, people paraded through the streets of Greenpoint to his music.

This year, the tone is more reflective: Organizer Heather Feather has set up a confessional booth at 60 Freeman St. in Greenpoint for people to record their anonymous “confessions of love, loss, hurt, obsession, and degradation.” At the end of the day, all recorded footage will be mailed to the man himself, with hopes that he can start working on songs to comfort us through our own relationship pain.

The booth is open from noon – 10pm, but be sure to stick around for the after parties at TBD, Shayz Lounge, and Veronica People’s Club. Come celebrate a man who, according to Feather, “truly understands the trials, tribulations and trueness of love, and puts them to a good beat.” And remember that when you’re drunk at 3am and “In the Air Tonight” comes on, send a few good vibes Phil’s way. Amen.

Phil Collins Day, 60 Freeman Sreet, Noon – 10pm.


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