Petition launched to extend Rockaway ferry service to summer weekends

rockaway ferry
Why should the good times sail away during the summer?

When the summer finally makes its glorious entrance, how are you going to get down to the Rockaways? Bike? Beach Bus? Train? A few residents of the neighborhood have another suggestion, which is that you come down by ferry, the same way that takes you to work on what are your otherwise miserable weekdays. The only problem is that they’ll need the city to get the ferry operator to do it, so they’ve got a petition asking the city to do that very thing.

Bedford+Bowery, who first noticed the petition, points out that there is a ferry service between Manhattan and Rockaway at the moment, but it’s $20 each way. Know what costs less than $20? The ferry run by Seastreak that only costs $3.50 per ride. It sure would be great, as the petition points out, both for Rockaway tourism and for people from Rockaway to get to Manhattan on summer weekends and spend some money there. This is a petition we can get behind, so sign it by April 3, which is when the organizers are fixing on presenting the signatures to Mayor de Blasio at a press conference.

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