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Peter Pan Bakery documentary shows how donuts bring a neighborhood together

peter pan bakery
The dough and icing glue of Greenpoint.

Greenpoint has undergone massive changes, like so much of Brooklyn has, changing from quiet Polish enclave to the Vogue-endorsed Girls setting it is today. And while that’s meant a lot of displacement and gentrification, Peter Pan Bakery has been a constant in the neighborhood for 50 years. The donut shop/breakfast spot is a star attraction in Greenpoint, and its finally getting its closeup in a new short documentary (below the jump) from Keif Roberts and Peter Haas, about its customers and its staff.

Like we said, the documentary is a quick watch, but it’s able to effectively show everyone who moves through the bakery on a given day, from Greenpoint lifers to newcomers with weird Leonardo DiCaprio-based art projects. Though we’d avoid watching it while hungry, because you’ll only get hungrier seeing all those donuts and egg sandwiches.

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