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Pay tribute to all your favorite witches at The Bell House on Monday

Chat about The Craft, even if you don't practice the craft
Chat about The Craft, even if you don’t practice the craft

When Halloween falls on a week day, Brooklyn celebrates Halloween all month long. This year, Halloween is on a Friday and well, that’s still not stopping us from partying with witches and goblins all throughout the month of October, nor are we excluding Mondays. On this upcoming Monday, October 13, femme-centric film podcast Bonnie & Maude is hosting a spooky “Monday the 13th” evening of music and presentations centered around witchcraft seen in movies, pop culture and television called All of Them Witches at the Bell House (Monday the 13th, get it?! Don’t turn inside out!).

“All of Them Witches” is the third in a series of live variety shows looking at female representation in media, produced by Bonnie & Maude hosts Kseniya Yarosh (of the Brooklyn Zine Fest) and Eleanor Kagan.

“All of Them Witches” will include a Q&A with the Chicago-based, Wiccan-raised filmmaker and artist Lyra Hill, who will screen scenes from her new teen possession short film Uzi’s Party. Music throughout the show will be performed by Brooklyn-based chamber pop singer AK, and the 8-piece, all-female a cappella group Femme Rhythm. Presenters include Tom Blunt, Lyra Hill, Eleanor Kagan, Racheline Maltese, Rosie Schaap, Tenebrous Kate, Cassie Wagler, and Kseniya Yarosh. Kagan says, “Witchcraft in film is more than dark lipstick. It can be a metaphor for strength through personal empowerment or sisterhood.”

You don’t have to worry about pawning your broom go to this evening of studying witchcraft, a ticket will run you just $8. Leave the flying monkeys at home though, they might be a little disruptive.

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