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The Park Slope Food Coop now has its own app

What do you give to the culty grocery collective that has everything? A free app.

The Park Slope Food Coop is easy to poke fun at – they have a history for doing things like live-tweeting three-hour meetings about plastic bags – but at the end of the day, members are probably paying way less than you for higher quality produce. Oh, and now they’ve got their own app.



Unlike the Coop, the app is open to non-members and “anyone who cares about affordable, local food,” the app’s creator, Jonah Burke, told us in an email. The email went on to describe the app’s functions:

It sends a daily list of new produce, tells you about local farms, shows up-to-date prices, and helps members stay on top of their shifts. One admittedly superfluous feature lets you search the Coop newsletter back to the ’90s. It’s a great source of Brooklyn-related weirdness.

His motivation to make the app, and why it’s free, is sweet: for Burke, the app is his “‘thank you’ to an institution I’ve relied on since moving to New York nine years ago.”


This logo is high-key adorable.
This logo is high-key adorable. Logo design by Paige Graff

You can download it now in the iTunes App Store.

Does the addition of an app to The Coop’s offerings tip the scale for you, and you now plan on joining? We’d be happy to publish your op-ed on the experience; we won’t even ask for a cut of your resulting book deal offer. Tips[at]brokelyn[dot]com – get at us.

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