Your pal the library will give you free tax prep help

Because nobody wants problems with the IRS
Because nobody wants problems with the IRS

Tax time is a stressful time for everyone, unless of course you’re some rich goon with an army of lawyers who know how to convince the government your highly profitable sweatshop operation actually made no money. Presumably, that isn’t you, so you’re sweating it out and trying to do your taxes on your own. Don’t do that! Your pal, the Brooklyn Public Library, will help you out with FREE tax preparation at the Central Library Branch, per Park Slope Stoop. Now who needs an army of battle-scarred tax fraud attorneys? Not you!

Yes your pal the library, when they aren’t busy helping you become a citizen or putting together a custom reading list for you, will also make sure you don’t wind up audited by the IRS because you screwed up your tax forms. All you have to do is show up to the Central Library with all of your handy tax documents, where the¬†Department of Consumer Affairs¬†has set up in Room 216 to offer free tax prep for anyone who made under $60,000 last year. Sound like you? If you’re reading this site, we bet it does!

The services are offered on Mondays from 10:30am to 8pm, Wednesdays from 1:30pm to 8pm, Thursdays from 9:30am to 5pm and Sundays from 1pm to 4:30pm. Once you’re done paying your taxes, we’d also recommend calling your local elected representative and yelling (or talking calmly) at them about providing adequate funding to your local library system. After all, that’s what friends do, they help each other out.

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