Ow, doctor! Drink $2 PBRs at a benefit for the Brooklyn Free Clinic

Look at these effing charitable individuals
Look at these effing charitable individuals

Oh the life of the uninsured in Brooklyn. Every time you hurt your wrist by falling on it awkwardly or mess your shoulder up for months on end by throwing yourself off your bike and then further tweak while celebrating a bowling achievement, you envy your friends with jobs that at least let them go to the doctor. Yet there’s at a beacon of hope for you out there: the Brooklyn Free Clinic.┬áThe Clinic is run by students at SUNY Downstate Medical College and treats the uninsured for free. And tonight, you’ve got an opportunity to treat them, at a benefit at Freddy’s.

The whole thing sounds pretty sweet. The evening is starting with all-you-can-drink from two donated kegs between 6pm and 8pm for $20, which is already good enough. But after the kegs kick, or if you miss them, you’ve still got a way to drink cheap: for a $10 donation gets you a bracelet that entitles you to $3 draft beers and $1 off cocktails and bottled beer. That $1 off means PBRs are only $2, by the way, a price not seen since the early days of the Bush II administration. And even better, there’ll be an auction and raffle starting at 10pm. So really, head to Freddy’s and say thanks to these crazy kids for looking out for those of us who’ve been away from medical attention for so long that we’ve forgotten what a doctor even does.

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