Our local minor league teams drop the ball on Weiner nights

Is it a stretch to call this a nutty promotion? via Facebook
Is it a stretch to call this a nutty promotion? via Facebook

Minor league baseball serves two purposes. The first is to provide a proving ground for young talent to show they belong in the major leagues, since not everyone is formed fully grown from the head of Sandy Koufax like New York’s new boyfriend Matt Harvey. The second is to provide wacky promotion nights that their parent clubs can’t hold. So imagine our surprise when we woke up to find out that a San Francisco Giants affiliate from Virginia announced their plans to hold an Anthony Weiner-themed $1 hot dog night.

The promotional night, being held by the Richmond Flying Squirrels will include $1 hot dogs and encouragement for fans to tweet pictures of themselves enjoying the meaty tubes. Virginia? Virginia? How do we let them go and snap up the political scandal that rightfully belongs to us? Do they even have dick pics in Virginia? Oh sure, the Flying Squirrels can claim that this is about any sex scandal and include Brett Favre and Tiger Woods, but we know that this is about our precious narcissistic Anthony.

We have two minor league baseball teams in the city, and somehow both the Cyclones and the hated Staten Island Yankees took their eye off the ball(s) here. Is it because they don’t want to cross a guy who could still possibly somehow become the mayor if it turns out that Christine Quinn is revealed as an international jewel thief and Bill de Blasio turns out to really live in Westchester? Or does it have to do with New Yorkers being totally over¬†Weiner?

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