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Oslo Coffee has pay-what-you-wish coffee today

morgan freeman oslo
If it’s good enough for Morgan Freeman, it’s good enough for you. via Facebook

As you may recall, Olso Coffee suffered a huge fire last year, that caused the store to close for some time. But, you can’t keep a good coffee shop down, and they’ve clawed their way out of the ashes. Throughout, the surrounding community was good to them, so now they’re being good to the surrounding community by letting you choose how much to pay for a cup of coffee on the one-year anniversary of the fire.

Yep, any coffee and any food you get there today will be however much you want it to be. However, before you decide to walk in there and just pay a penny for a cup of coffee (although we know you all have pennies to get rid of), the coffee shop is donating all the sales to a local firefighter’s foundation that benefits children in need. So pay a dollar at least, because no on wants to be a jerk to kids, right?

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