Tonight: Lucky Dog throws Oslo baristas a bone

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Oslo, in happier, less burned times. via Flickr user Ancient Cycles

We joked about it last week, but in reality, Oslo’s Bedford Avenue store burning down is a bummer. It was a locally owned coffee shop in an area where Starbucks has yet to penetrate, and more than that, it employed people who lived around the neighborhood. Now of course, those people are out of work, through no fault of their own. Fortunately, Lucky Dog (which is a bar you can turn into an office) is helping them out with a fundraiser benefitting the employees.

Entertaining you will be surf rock acts Poodles and Chickenhawks, and Dave Teller will be spinning records. Still stuck on Drynuary? Well, you should break it for this, because 50% of the proceeds from 7pm to 10pm on Wednesday are going to go towards baristas who are out of work now that they don’t have somewhere to sling espresso. Even if you don’t drink, why not use some of that money you’re allegedly saving to buy drinks for your friends? And the rest of us normal people can just be sure to drink extra hard that night, because it’ll be the right thing to do.

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