What are your 2012 Brooklyn resolutions?

Canoes in Prospect Park. Flickr photo by Megnyc.

Visit every bowling alley in Brooklyn, compete in the Punderdome, hit every spot on our Brooklyn brunch list– these are the Brooklyn things I resolve to do this year. Also: find a viable alternative to the Park Slope Food Coop, go to one workshop at Etsy labs and one weird meetup. I will bike that path along the Belt Parkway, wherever it starts. I will kayak on the Gowanus Canal. Maybe. I will canoe at Prospect Park. I will do as much free yoga as I can get to. This is the year I finally set foot inside the River Café, if only for a drink, get my butt to Roberta’s, eat a Peter Pan red velvet donut and go to Bed-Stuy to try doubles, a Trinidadian spicy chickpea sandwich of sorts. This summer I will trek out to Rockaway Taco and that truck in Sunset Park. I’m going to judge for myself whether Montreal bagel from Mile End deserve the hype. even if the Brokavore wasn’t impressed. I am going to volunteer in Brooklyn.

What are your Brooklyn resolutions for 2012?


  1. I vowed to move to Ditmas Park this year, mostly to live out my secret “Edie Beale Grey Gardens McMansion cat lady fantasy,” and in a few weeks I’ll be doing just that. Now I just have to fulfill the part deux of my resolution: find a full time job.

    Faye: If you’re going to go to Sunset Park, you must try the #1 banh mi at Ba Xuyen on 8th Ave. It’s the best in the city by far, and very close to all of the great Mexican food on 5th Ave. They also have great avocado shakes.

  2. 1. Win Rocky Sullivan’s street hockey tournament.
    2. Stay out of Woodhull.
    3. Record my next door neighbors when they argue.
    4. Place a Burmese Tiger Pit outside my upstairs neighbors’ door.
    5. Fix broken heart.
    6. Make Glug with Kings County moonshine.
    7. Visit Shea Stadium more often.
    8. Wake up before noon.
    9. More Heavy Metal Karaoke at Matchless
    10. Re-break heart.
    11. Spend one week eating dinner only at bars in our free food guide.
    12. Continue open-mouthed amazement at the Punderdome.
    13. Finally enter Literary Upstart competition. Maybe.
    14. Accrue more potential to waste.

  3. I really dislike the whole concept of resolutions. Change yourself now! Don’t wait for an arbitrary calendar year change! The only resolutions that matter are in the summer, because there’s so much to do you should set up an attack plan for yourself.

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