One more way to see GoogaMooga without a ticket: volunteer

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to volunteer as a human holder. Photo by Rachel DeLetto.

So you want to go to GoogaMooga still, but you don’t have $35 for a Prospect Park membership (or just don’t want the phone calls asking you to renew next year) and you haven’t won either of the contests for free VIP passes. Before you put up that Craigslist post offering your body for a ticket, be aware: the festival is also looking for volunteers to help run things smoothly.

If you volunteer you’ll be helping out with things like building up the site, helping with vendor coordination, giving confused parkgoers information and anything and everything else that helps a festival go on without a whole bunch of chaos happening. If you want to do that, you can sign up here. To make sure you actually do the job you said you’d do, they ask for a $30 refundable deposit though, so keep in mind that flaking will cost you. You can also volunteer to clean up afterwards, which, given that neighbors are now objecting to the festival on “trash everywhere” grounds, seems like a good thing to volunteer for.

In return for volunteering for either task, you’ll get either tickets to the festival or vouchers for the food vendors there. And since you’ll be doing work in the hot sun, God knows you’ll need the free food.

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