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Two easy chances for free GoogaMooga VIP tickets

How can you miss this? (via flickr user mjpeacecorps)
How can you miss this? (via flickr user mjpeacecorps)

We’re all still reeling from the Great GoogaMooga Shutout of 2013, and if you’re not into springing for a $35 Prospect Park Alliance membership or $50+ VIP tickets, you’ve probably resigned yourself to a Mooga-free spring. But it turns out there’s hope yet: a pair of contests are promising free tickets to winners and/or participants, and they’re dangling those bite-sized Brooklyn foodstuffs right in front of your face!

One contest, sponsored by, promises three VIP tickets for each day: winners also get free cocktails, access to a reserved VIP spot by the main stage and seminars on cocktail-making courtesy of local craft cocktail heavyweights like Booker & Dax, Clover Club and PDT. You also get access to Friday’s big show featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Flaming Lips and The Darkness. To enter, just fill out the form on’s website and then pray. The sweepstakes is open through May 5th.

The second contest requires you to do a little more work: it’s hosted by Google Local New York, and asks you to post reviews of local businesses for a chance to win two VIP cocktail experience tickets. This drawing isn’t random, so make sure your reviews are well-written, creative and stand out if you’re angling to take home a pair of tickets. And don’t libel anyone or get yourself hit with a lawsuit, no matter how much you think it’ll make the review stand out. It just isn’t worth it. This contest runs through May 12th, so get reviewing, folks!

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