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Clinton Hill’s A-Rod Grocery considers name change

A-Rod, upon learning Brooklyn no longer thinks he's cool
A-Rod, upon learning Brooklyn no longer thinks he’s cool

Whether you think A-Rod is one of the best baseball players of all time, a colossal shitshow with legs, a massive dork or some combination of the three, one thing is definitely apparent: the dude knows how to feed a news cycle. So even though his legal team is quieting down while the Yankees make a (hopefully) futile playoff run, the world never lacks for off-the-field A-Rod news. Even in Brooklyn, we can get our share. Case in point: A-Rod Deli in Clinton Hill is considering changing their name, because he’s just become too much of a liability.

Yes, it seems single-handedly winning a World Series for the Yankees doesn’t have the cultural cachet it used to. Fox News Latino helpfully translates a report from El Diario that the owner of Clinton Hill’s A-Rod Grocery is thinking of something else to name the bodega after having too many customers come in upset over the tribute to the allegedly-tainted slugger who’s never failed a drug test under baseball’s joint agreement.

Why don't they just add an asterisk?
Why don’t they just add an asterisk?

There’s no word on what the name will be yet, although Lord knows that if Jose Reyes were still playing in New York we’d be there lobbying for it to be called “Jose Jose Jose Jose Deli.” But if the owners want to pick a third baseman in New York who’s so far managed to only make news on the field and will probably retire while a member of a New York team, you can’t go wrong with “Wright On Deli and Grocery.” Just sayin’ guys, just sayin.’

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