One-bedroom apartments, $20,896

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If you’re single and make less than $73,725 a year, congratulations—you’re officially “moderate income” in NYC. (And you were psyched just to have a job!) What that means: you may be eligible to join the lottery to buy a one-bedroom apartment in this building—2310 Clarendon Road between 23rd Street and Bedford Avenue in Flatbush—for $20,896, through a program operated by the lefty-sounding Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, which also has listings in Bushwick. (Couples and families can apply to buy apartments too but they are subject to different household income limits.) UHAB has similar buildings throughout the city, but certain ownership restrictions apply here: it’s not like you can turn around and flip this place for 10 times the price. But who’s flipping these days anyway? For more info, visit the UHAB web site or call 212-479-3333.


  1. Ok, yeah, so you move into one of these presumably crappy apartments in crappy buildings in crappy neighborhoods, and you’re still paying close to, if not more than $1000/month in “maintenance fees.”

    How are these “affordable housing?”

    Screw that. I’ll stay in my great apartment in a great building in Park Slope for $750/month.

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