The Trash Bar space can be yours for just $20,000/month!

Aw. Photo via Craigslist
Aw. Photo via Craigslist

What price can you put on memories and life lessons, when those lessons are things like “never to try and pinch a fat skinhead’s nipples, and always get under a short ex-con when stopping him from throwing a cue ball at his girlfriend”? The more sentimental among you probably think memories are priceless, but hey, this is Hypercapitalist New York City, so your priceless memories of say, The Trash Bar could be preserved. Provided of course, you have $20,000/month. Damn you Cuba Gooding Jr.!

Yes, the old Trash Bar space is being gutted and can be your old Trash Bar space if you’ve got just $20,000/month (as well as “good finances and great credit”) to drop on an empty, gutted storefront. There isn’t much to say about this beyond morbidly looking at pictures of a trashed Trash Bar and deciding whether or not it looks better than it used to (hey-o!) and wandering what indie rock celebrity is going to open a down-home barbecue joint in the “Former Bar Business Perfect for Restaurant-Bar Bedford L train Stop.” Our money is on Jeff Mangum.

[h/t FreeWilliamsburg]

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