Oh, the crap you can sell on Craigslist

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Who knew there were so many Brooklynites willing to pay cash money for your decrepit old computers, bikes and used iPhones?

On Craigslist, a man in Bensonhurst is paying $30 for old two-wheelers: “don’t throw those old bikes away, keep them out of the landfill, let me recycle them. It is a hobby in my retirement. Sell them to me, call John 718-614-5276.”

Someone wants an OfficeJet 7310 printer—broken is okay, and Mike wants to cart your stuff to Brooklyn for $1. But from where?

A blond-haired-blue-eyed youngster wants to buy your “scanable” ID, as long as he can pass for you. Is it really a great idea to hand a crucial piece of your identity to a high-school student who’s out for some booze-fueled summer shenanigans? As well he should be… but good luck with this one, Skippy.

There are lots of buyers for four-wheel clunkers and just as many for old iPhones. This guy’s offering up to $250 for your “iPhone 3G & 2G ~ 4gb, 8gb and 16gb that are cracked screen, broken lcd, white screen, and non functional touch or non functional display  I buy all kind of damages iPhone. I pay in CASH! Worth more if it comes with box and the accessories, etc.”

How could it not be a scam? (The consumer affairs division of Brokelyn.com has advised us against posting a link—at least not until we sell them our paleolithic-era iPhone first.)

Attention all unemployed classics majors (isn’t that all pretty much all classics majors?): a gal in Williamsburg will pay $20 an hour for a tutor for “an intense summer course i am taking which i should have never signed up for. The subject matter is Greek literature. I am currently reading the Iliad of Homer, and there is much more to come such as Plato, Virgil, Sophocles, Aristotle and Thucydides… I can talk over the phone or meet in person if you are not a pervert.”

Speaking of which, it’s not exactly clear what this poster is after: A young twink man is willing to pay $35 for non-prescription glasses “that make me look a little older than I am so that’s mainly why I’m posting this ad. Price is negotiable especially depending on any pictures that can be e-mailed to the address above. Pictures of me can be supplied for any descriptions of glasses that are e-mailed.” Uh-huh.

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