Oh, Darlings! And 18 other rocking ways to spend your weekend

They look relaxed and casual here, but don’t worry, Darlings put on a good show. via Facebook

1. Been feeling a little rootless lately? Well then a gypsy rock party at Radio Bushwick will fit your mood perfectly (Friday)

2. Torn between shopping and listening to music? Why not choose both, which you can do at the Thrift Disco pop up thrift store (Friday)

3. Hometown hero Prince Rama is playing Baby’s All Right, and being around royalty is always nice, even if the title is just made up (Friday)

4. Watch 90s Nickelodeon shows like Clarissa Explains It All and The Adventures of Pete and Pete at Videology while convincing yourself that you aren’t getting ridiculously old (Friday)

5. Darlings play upbeat and loud rock and roll, which Friday nights are all about, and they’ll be doing it at Shea Stadium tonight (Friday)

6. David Cross of all people will be DJing at Passenger Bar, so check it out and see if he actually plays music or just makes fun of everyone’s requests (Friday)

7. It just snowed, so definitely go back to the Fuck Winter vintage pop up shop and tell winter to go fuck itself again (Friday – Sunday)

8. The Brooklyn Museum has an all-Ai Wei Wei film series lined up, so get your fill of dissent and works inspired by dissent (Saturday)

9. The Crate is record store that’s actually opening, as opposed to closing, so definitely celebrate at their opening party and see what they have before they get chased out by high rent in a year (Saturday)

10. And then after checking that out, head to powerHouse, where they’ll be celebrating vinyl culture with a book launch party for Dust & Grooves featuring DJs spinning records (Saturday)

11. See some things that people drew on bar napkins and then forgot about at the opening of The Museum of Drunken Art at Freddy’s (Saturday)

12. WORD is cutting loose because it’s the weekend and turning their downstairs into a comedy club, so if you want some five dollar laughs, it’s the place to be (Saturday)

13. HausFrau Magazine wants you to come to Muchmore’s and see a variety show, with things like comedy and burlesque, that they say won’t suck. Up to you whether or not to believe them (Saturday)

14. Danny Tamberelli, who you may remember from the Pete and Pete episodes you see on Friday, will be performing with his sketch troupe and Brokelyn favorite Jo Firestone at Union Hall (Saturday)

15. Hey Queen! is throwing the big queer dance party of your dreams, so unless you have really weird spooky dreams, definitely check them out this month (Saturday)

16. Go on an egg hunt around Greenpoint, based on clues that are sure to drive you absolutely crazy because they’re hard and you are high as shit (Sunday)

17. Instead of relaxing, get incredibly tense at a screening of gritty revenge thriller Blue Ruin. If the movie doesn’t make you tense, not accidentally telling the director who’ll be in attendance that you didn’t like it will (Sunday)

18. Sean Lennon will be DJing at Brooklyn Bowl, and this will definitely be the closest you ever get to seeing John Lennon. Just be nice to any moms you run into there (Sunday)

19. Presentation Party Night wants to teach you all about hacks and writing like a human being. So don’t go if you want to be a blogger in the future, that doesn’t actually require any humanity (Sunday)

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  1. Anony

    Not sure how Darlings would be considered loud rock ‘n roll at all. And if this is what passes for rock ‘n roll now we’re all doomed (and a bunch of pussies).

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