If the Armory Show feels too 1%, try this Occupy art swap

Occupy Museums? Sure, why not.

It’s Armory Arts Week, which means a bunch of big to-do, pricey art events all around the city. But like everything these days, there’s a cheaper Occupy version: Occupy Museums (yep, that’s a thing) is hosting a mobile art exchange art fair outside the Armory Show on Saturday and Sunday. They’re encouraging you to bring items such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, conceptual art, crafts, food and other objects to exchange. The reason?  “Amidst this crisis, we offer an experiment in systems of art-exchange that do not emphasize financial capital, but rather celebrate abundance and connection,” the site says. “We believe that art is not a commodity for speculation but rather a fundamental part of the commons, inherited and shared by all.” I always have wondered why art was so derned expensive.

Occupy Museums: Free Art for Fair Exchange, 1-4pm, Saturday and Sunday, outside the Armory Show, Piers 92 and 94, Manhattan.

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