Occupy Fort Greene? Sure, why not

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Ah, spring is in the air, the racial injustice is blooming in Florida and those Occupiers are coming out of hibernation with their banners and teach-ins flowering left and right. While things are heating up to near-pepper spray levels in the city, a more mellow sounding event is taking place in Fort Greene Park on Sunday. Occupy Town Squares — a series of mobile, daytime occupations held in parks and public spaces — will set up shop in the park from 11-7pm. They’re bringing a vague-sounding slate of info tables, teach-ins, trainings and political discussions, all designed to “recreate the spirit of occupation and reclaim our public commons … for the purposes of democratic engagement.” You can read the group’s full mission statement here. And if it’s boring, use the park’s new free wifi to check your Goldman Sachs stock.

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