Occupation bash (possibly literally) in Williamsburg tomorrow

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Recycled Occupy Williamsburg image.

When we last heard from the crazy kids serious activists in Occupy Wall Street, they were holding their first General Assembly at Union Pool. Things have been quiet since then, but in an effort to get people excited about a May 1st General Strike, it’s time to party. A man named Jim Davis, who may or may not be the Jim Davis, dropped the following announcement in our tip jar:

Please announce!

An autonomous group has announced an Occupation Party for this Saturday [Jan. 28] in Williamsburg, in the interest of starting a series of Rolling Occupations, mounting a Spring Offensive, and exacerbating the situation in the city in order to catalyze, contextualize, and build capacity towards the May First General Strike. In short, to weave a fabric of insubordination beginning in one neighborhood and ballooning outwards.

Everyone is invited to be the crisis they want to see in 2012, set up whatever plans for action, and fundamentally alter the occupied space as they see fit. So far we’ve heard of dancefloors, cinemas, teach-ins, and propaganda distribution to name a few, so bring your wildest ideas and the elements necessary to realize them. Keep in mind the mild risk of police intervention, but also the possibility of  staying over, so pack accordingly.

We’ll be converging at 207 North 8th Street at 10pm before heading to the space, which has lain vacant for years now, and is owned by a bank known to invest in bio-, chemical, and nuclear weapons, as well as cluster bombs used specifically by Qaddafi against the 2011 insurgency. We’ll stay as long as we can, do as much as we can, and there are contingency plans set up in the event of eviction. Besides, we can always take it to the street.

The call is out: spread it any way you can, by phone, internet, conversation. If all goes well we’ll be doing this again in two weeks.

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