Adorable former Pennsylvania guv doesn’t know how subway works

nyc subway
Yes hmm, how would New York City POSSIBLY move thousands of humans around at a time. via Flickr user Michael Tapp

When it comes to the DNC setting up shop in Brooklyn, our thoughts (a very violent “No”) have already been added to the record. There are other political risks and rewards to the Democrats setting up shop here, beyond alienating Brokelyn though, as laid out in this Times article about the Clintons adding their substantial heft to help to Mayor Tall’s bid. Also in the article? An immature, jealous and ignorant jab at New York City from a former Pennsylvania governor that’s more befitting of a pantless blogger than a former head of state.

According to the Times, the political calculus for using a Brooklyn DNC to crown a Hillary Clinton candidacy contains both risks (being pegged as a candidate of the young aimless and urban) and rewards (coming off as hip and full of life by surrounding yourself with the young and aimless and urban). Leave it to former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell to point out a non-existent infrastructure risk though:

“Brooklyn has huge problems,” Mr. Rendell said. “No hotels. And how would you like to transport in the middle of rush hour thousands of delegates from Midtown to Brooklyn?”

Yes, hmm, how would you transport thousands of people during rush hour in a city that has an enormous underground and aboveground rail system that whips people along to their destination at high speeds for a relatively low price? Perhaps one day Ed Rendell can visit here and get a look at New York City’s subway system, but we’re afraid he’d start hollering at people not to “walk inside the belly of the iron snake” and try to stop people from boarding their trains.

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