The city has its own Craigslist, full of free stuff

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Just some of the swag available on Wastematch.

Let’s say you’re setting up your new DIY Walmart office and you’re in need of some furniture, bulk items or surplus goods — say, maybe, filing cabinets or 16 pallets of Blu Italy water — and the ole stomping grounds of Craigslist and Freecycle just aren’t cutting it. You might want to try NYC Wastematch instead: the site is run by the city’s Department of Sanitation to help businesses and organizations get rid of their surplus crap and get it into the hands of people that can use it, usually for free or quite cheap. It’s a strange collection of mostly bulk goods on there: A quick survey shows right now you can get two of the aforementioned pallets of Blue Italy (like 70-100 bottles) for $85, an office desk for $25 and lots of other free things like office routers, fax machines and even computers. You won’t find sacks of Huslter Club passes on there, but you will help the city shrink its waste stream.

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