Help unsuppress the vote! The city is hiring poll workers for election day (and you can earn $300)

Voting in Park Slope in 2008, a simpler time. Via Flickr user JoeHolmes.
Voting in Park Slope in 2008, a simpler time. Via Flickr user JoeHolmes.

We don’t know the outcome of election day yet, but we do know one thing for certain: the process of actually voting will undoubtedly be marred with problems, ballot shortages, long lines and all those other sticky problems with democracy we haven’t figured out in 200+ years. One of these years we’ll get it right!

This election day, you can be part of making sure things run a little smoother here in New York City seeing as there’s some KINDA HIGH STAKES at risk: the Board of Elections is hiring poll workers and interpreters for election day. You can make $200 a day plus the moral superiority of saying “well at least I tried to help” when everyone complains about voting problems this year.

Inspectors, poll clerks and information clerks earn a salary of $200 for working an election day, plus $100 for attending a four-hour training class and passing the exam; interpreters and accessibility clerks earn $200 for working on election day and $25 for attending class and passing the exam.

Being a pool inspector/clerk means opening polls, serving voters and closing the polls, while also making sure there is an accurate tally at the end. Remember: election day is Nov. 8, unless you’re a Trump supporter, in which case it is Nov. 28.

For more information or to submit an application, go here.

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