Finding a performance space is now as easy as ordering dinner

We’re sure finding space to perform in in New York City used to be a ghastly arduous affair, for which you’d have to cold call any number of studios, empty lofts or sound stages hoping one of them had a spot open. But then, INTERNET! NYC Performing Arts Spaces goes for literal name over a sexy branding one (something like Performr or Spacelist could’ve worked too, IMO), but it makes up for it with options and ease of booking.

The site is, as Beta Beat calls it, like an Open Table for performance space (music, dance or theater), helping connect a place that has calendar space available to be booked for practice or performance space. We found some for as low as $10 an hour.

So for instance, a quick search for music spaces in Williamsburg shows Soundspace Studio Theater will let you use its space for $10 an hour, and it’s open 24 hours too. Or you could find a spot in Manhattan too, if you are unfortunate enough to have to do that.

The NYC Performing Arts Spaces lists the details of the space (size, what uses are permitted) and lets you book online. Looks like the cheapest generation wins again.


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