NYC’s affordable housing lottery enters the future

You can apply for this Bronx affordable housing online now
You can apply for this Bronx affordable housing online now

The scramble for New York’s small supply of affordable housing is hard enough, what with the scarcity and the fact that it’s handed out by lottery. What’s even worse is that there hasn’t been an easy, centralized place to save your information you’d be entering into every damn affordable housing application out there. Until now, that is, thanks to NYC Housing Connect.

Housing Connect collects all of the affordable housing the city has out there and lets you fill out a single application that you can then submit one at a time to affordable housing buildings. Right now, Housing Connect has buildings listed in the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan. Your application asks basic questions like your income information, your current rent assets you might have and your employment information. But after you fill it out once, it’s in the system permanently and you can just start applying willy-nilly to apartments. Although maybe click on the apartment information to see if you even fit the requirements, so you you’re not wasting your time.

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