NYC Crying Guide shows you where to let out your feels

nyc crying guide
You don’t have to do it alone. via Flickr user notanyron

We know how it is nowadays. Everyone is all obsessed with their “feels,” always going on about how they can’t not even and are basically just an open wound of emotions spilling out everywhere. The thing is, walking down the street as a big ball of tears means that people are gonna look at you all weird. Well, finally someone is allegedly rounding up all the best places in New York City to have a good cry, in the NYC Crying Guide.

Even though the reviews themselves are probably jokes, we have to say, the list so far makes sense. The standing side of an escalator, an abandoned second floor at a Duane Reade, and a Build-A-Bear Workshop (where employees are legally forbidden from reacting to customers) all seem like perfect places to just weep quietly while no one bothers you. The only problem we see with the blog is that it doesn’t list anywhere in Brooklyn. So speak up people, where are the best places to just let it all out around here?


  1. Ralpth

    One time I had to have a good cry outside of the Nassau G station. Sat down on a bench outside Cup (coffeeshop), whereby several groups of people walked by and saw me. One even asked for directions. We need more crying guides!

  2. hilary

    Williamsburg bridge (any bridge actually), that weird little walkabout thing with like 4 benches by the domino sugar factory, anywhere in DUMBO by the water, and um oh yeah how about the cemetery? If you’re a strong swimmer there’s a couple amazing islets in Jamaica Bay. J-train stops are great too, you can usually walk to one end and hide behind the cage things.

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