Check out all the new NYC bike map and the new bike lanes opening in 2016

If there were no cars, every street would be a bike lane. Just saying.
If there were no cars, every street would be a bike lane. Just saying.

We did it gang: it’s finally biking season again, or at least the season when you can bike without gloves without turning your hands into tiny little stumps of carbonite. And with the return of biking season comes the new 2016 official NYC bike map which came out yesterday and shows you where you can safely ride (until there’s a delivery van, cop car or taxi parked in the bike lane, at least). It also includes commitment to 15 new miles of bike lanes set to open this year, including a few in Brooklyn.

Two new Brooklyn bike lanes are set to open in 2016: the Marine Park Connector, from Avenue U to Flatbush Avenue, and the Pulaski Bridge bike lane, linking Greenpoint and Long Island City in Queens. No official opening dates are attached to those, and that Pulaski lane has been delayed an incredibly long time already. See the rest of the new bike lanes around the city here. 

You might be asking yourself: wait … that’s it? Brooklyn gets a measly two new bike lanes in all of 2016? And we have to suffer through all these “fixed-gear bike” jokes for nothing? Well it turns out building a bike lane is way more complicated than just painted a stripe on a road. Make sure to read Sam’s interview with a subcontractor about why it’s so damn hard to build a bike lane in NYC right now.

Get the map here, look for it for free at bike shops, libraries and schools, or order it by calling 311.

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