Get in a bicycle crash? Yep, There’s an app for that now

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So you dusted off the ole bicyclette and are ready to roll to all the summer staples. Or maybe you’ve heard that our Citibank CitiBikes are almost here for the riding, but you’re still a little shook by all those bike accident reports. NY Bike Lawyers want to hold your hand with their free Bike Crash app. Available for iPhone and Android, it’s got the whole NYC yellow cab theme (hopefully indicating, um, what will NOT be crashing into you.)

In the event of your making undesired contact with a bigger wheeled beast, the app offers text fields for recording relevant data for all involved parties – driver’s license, home address, insurance details, etc. But if said collision was particularly nasty, odds are you’ll not be in the best shape for note-taking. Oh, clever app designers to anticipate your every whim: the app also features media options like voice notes, photo capture and one-click call-911, so that assistance might come swiftly to your shaken self.

[Full disclosure: Flanzig and Flanzig is a Brokelyn advertiser] If they’re really going for my A+++ though, they’ll add some scanning or OCR technology in there, so your phone will actually swipe info from ID cards without having to manually input text. Plus some voice-dialing capability wouldn’t be bad either.

On the visibility front, they’ve got ya covered – this Friday (May 11), our peeps at NY Bike Lawyers, Flanzig and Flanzig LLP are giving away 3-phase bike lights for free. A literal early-bird special: they’ll be handing ’em out on the corner of 12th St and Sixth Ave. in Manhattan from 7:30am-9am.

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