Now hiring in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Museum, BRIC, BAM, beer crime-fighting and more!

This could be your office headquarters in 2017. via FB
This could be your office headquarters in 2017. via FB

New year new you, sure, but what about a new job? If you’re still rubbing the gunge of 2016 from your eyes, quitting is a sure-fire wake up call. And whatever soul-sucking environ was keeping you semi-comatose for the better part of last year, we’re sure you can think up a good excuse for why you need to leave without upsetting that sweet severance pay/future reference.

This week’s job pile includes a few big name cultural institutions in the borough alongside low-key gigs in the backend of BK. We’ve got a gig in marketing, one in publicity, even beer-related crime fighting. Haven’t you always wanted to be a superhero who drinks a lot? Maybe you already are one. Anyway, read up and apply to what looks good:

♫ Don’t you wish your day job was, fly like mine?♫ Yep, that’s probably what you’ll be singing if you get the gig currently hiring at The Brooklyn Museum, which is Assistant for Public Programs. The successful candidate will be a “results-oriented” and “exceptionally talented” individual that can offer “crucial administrative and production support” to the Public Programs team, which is part of the Curatorial Department. That means you’ll get to help with Target First Saturdays, Thursday Nights, and a whole bunch of other weekend programs!

Okay, slow your roll. This is a major systems/management/communication gig, so you’ve have experience managing projects and at least 1+ year (not bad) in administrative support. Excellent research, time management, communication and writing skills are a must, as is the ability to work as part of a team. Send a cover letter, resumé and sample of some relevant writing to job.public.programs.assistant[at]


Who knew you could feed beer through a hula hoop pipe? via Draft Choice FB
Who knew you could feed beer through a hula hoop pipe? via Draft Choice FB

Okay, we won’t keep you in suspense about that superhero gig. Draft Choice, a tap maintenance company working behind the scenes in Brooklyn bars to keep the beer you drink tasting good and not like it came out of some dirty sink pipes (and if this is a priority of yours, stop buying Heineken for starters), is currently hiring an Operations and Finance Associate to assist with the day to day operations of the company and to accelerate its growth.

Job responsibilities include keeping everything spic and span (purchasing and procurement), squared away (scheduling and routing) and on the books (accounts payable and receivables). It’s a full time gig in the company’s BK office in North Williamsburg with competitive base pay and financial incentives. They don’t provide the beer, but I’ll bet if you drop into any bar Draft Choice services they’ll be happy to get you a pint. Strong Microsoft Office skills, QuickBooks Google app savvy and 3+ years experience in a similar role required. QuickBooks and prior IT experience a plus. Mind the application instructions, found here.

On the other side of the Brooklyn maintenance spectrum, join the folks of Park Slope’s Hand of Glory Tattoo as a full-time Receptionist/Assistant to help handle the biz side of the shop that sends so many happy limbs out with new tattoos!

“Eligible applicants should have experience in customer relations, computer skills, excellent references and a strong work ethic,” reads the ad, which also highlights previous experience in a tattoo studio as a plus for candidates. Send resumés to handofglorytattoo[at] but don’t bother dropping by in person; they won’t accept applications unless received at the aforementioned e-mail.


Movies, music, opera, theater, dance... you can't really get more 'cultured' than this. via Flickr user Bosc D'Anjou
Movies, music, opera, theater, dance… you can’t really get more ‘cultured’ than this. via Flickr user Bosc D’Anjou

Next up, who could say no to what is assuredly a perks-filled gig at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where they’re currently seeking an Advertising Coordinator to “plan, execute, and analyze the advertising campaigns for various BAM programs” and help them achieve maximum efficiency. This is obviously a very results-driven gig, so experience with digital engagement in all its forms is a must. 1-3 years in advertising, media planning or buying, with “intellectual curiosity and a passion for analytics.” Ooh.

You’ll also need to know a fair bit about the performing arts scene in NYC and beyond, excel at Excel, and work well in a fast-paced environment where you’ll have a lot of accountability. But given that the US presidency is now an entry-level position, don’t feel too discouraged by the demands of this one. 42k/year, overtime pay and benefits. Apply here.

And last but certainly not least (and none are least, anyway, they’re all great!) is BRIC, our friendly neighborhood multipurpose media house/community space/arts arena/social justice/all the good things organization. They’re calling for a “creative, concise, nimble, strategic thinker” and “highly collaborative” individual to take over as Director of Marketing and Communications.

“Reporting to BRIC’s President, the Director of Marketing & Communications leads all marketing and communication activities for BRIC” and provides “leadership for maintaining and increasing institutional visibility.” As a key part of BRIC’s senior leadership team, you’ll have a team of six and work closely with executive leadership and program heads. And they do mean senior: you need 7+ years of experience in marketing and press relations, a strong record in digital marketing, 3+ years of management and supervisory experience, a good sense of humor and then some. Apply via link.

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