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Greenpoint restaurant that bans talking still can’t ban irony

Listen closely enough and you'll hear the self-awareness dying. via Facebook
Listen closely enough and you’ll hear the self-awareness dying. via Facebook

The Wall Street Journal visited Eat the other day to see what their new silent meals were all about. The rules were pretty simple: once you sat down to eat, you do not talk about anything, under penalty of being forced to finish your food outside. Which meant people had to get heir irony out before eating, maybe?

Christopher Tandy, a 29-year-old illustrator from the East Village, was hoping to find some of what he’d lost by moving to New York from San Francisco, whose restaurants are legendary.

“Eating out is more relaxing there. It’s nice time, not competition time,” he said, as he checked into the restaurant on Foursquare and became its mayor. “I feel like that doesn’t happen here. You have to yell at the person you’re out with. What’s nice about that?”

“Yeah man, this isn’t a competition. Hold on, just let me…WOOOO I’M THE MAYOR. Suck on that, previous mayor!”


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