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Nostrovia: Eat cheap, it’s Russian Restaurant Week

anyway cafe
Lambchops at Anyway Cafe? Do it, they’re 15% off. via Facebook

Now that the summer is here and you have to factor things like outdoor drinking, beach trips and sunscreen into your budget, you might be thinking that going out to eat might have to fall by the wayside. No sense in worrying about that next week though, because the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce wants everyone to go check out the borough’s huge selection of Russian and Eastern European restaurants, so they’ve established Brooklyn’s first Russian Restaurant Week. That means even you, the humble brokester, can spend a week eating out, since participating restaurants are offering prix fixes and discounts on your meal.

If you haven’t eaten your way through Sheepshead Bay’s and Brighton Beach’s Russian, Uzbek, Georgian, Ukrainian and other Eastern European food, this is the time to do it. Russian Restaurant Week will take place for the entirety of next week, from May 18 to May 24, and has a good number of restaurants participating, offering either discounts or prix fixe. A lot of the restaurants, like bar we love Anyway Cafe, are offering 15% off your meal at either of their locations. Or you can hit up a special prix fixe menu at Coney Island Russian spot Cafe Paris, or get a free beer or glass of wine with your $12 meal at Slavyanskiy Bazar (judging from the menu that won’t be a hard number to hit). Whichever of the restaurants you choose next week, you’ll be the big winner, hopefully unlike Russian hero Alexander Ovehckin tonight.

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